Case Study: Developing the Splash Mobility Mobile App & Admin Interface

Codezilla | Developing the Splash Mobility Mobile app & admin interface

In the context of the growing interest in easier and more eco-friendly transport, Splash offers alternative urban mobility solutions - renting electric scooters in Bucharest. To support its premium brand position, because of its modern fleet & high-quality scooters, Splash needed a mobile application that would strengthen its position - with an emphasis on quality and intuition.


Create a mobile application for Splash that would include the following requirements:

  1. Simplicity and intuitiveness for the user (UX & UI).
  2. Stability and performance, regardless of the number of active users.
  3. Managing the information and data obtained for the best decisions and personalized communication

Approach and Solutions

UX & UI design

When we first built the user flow and design for the app, our focus was to create simplified processes and build an overall pleasant user experience. 

  • Based on the phone number, we created a simple authentication process.
  • Easy access to all the essential information on the first screen.
  • Easy and intuitive access to start the ride by pressing a button.
  • Centralizing payment possibilities (prepay, per trip, subscription or voucher) and facilitating the prepayment process or saving card data in a single section (wallet).

Development Technology

The application was built to be multiplatform, accessible in the same form on iOS and Android, easily scalable, with good loading speed and very stable, taking into account multiple subsequent updates from the beginning.   

To comply with all of this, React Native was chosen for mobile applications, and for the backend we created a microservices architecture using the Node JS server with the Express JS framework and a database on SQL - Mongo DB.

Admin Interface

We built an admin with multiple functionalities outside the essential categories, to later facilitate the processes of optimization and updates, marketing automation and enhanced customer journey or BI. 

For development we used React, being a mature framework, with many libraries, which offers speed in development and security, having a solid community of developers.

Custom Feedback

Knowing that the application is only half the experience, and the feedback from the reality of using e-scooters is perhaps the most important, we used the application to manage it easily and quickly, giving customers the opportunity to give feedback directly in the app, after each ride. 

In addition, where it is possible, we have automated feedback management directly from the platform (for example, when a scooter receives 3 feedbacks with a star, it automatically goes into maintenance).

Constant Maintenance and Optimizations

With all of the implementations detailed above, we created an app with multiple tools and automations. It allowed us to bring relevant updates, from real experience and analysis on significant data, which would add value to the brand.


Two years after it was released, Splash became the largest alternative transport company with 100% Romanian capital, on the Romanian market. This is an achievement obtained based on user experiences and compliance with the brand promise (something to which the application had a substantial contribution), without significant marketing budgets. 

Moreover, the Splash brand continues to grow, and will soon launch a ride-hailing mobility service.

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