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A look inside our team

A company's success is built on each colleague's level of involvement. A powerful team means having all the resources for its members to develop professionally while maintaining a positive and relaxing atmosphere. 

We focus on helping each individual feel ready to turn challenges into success from day one.

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Performance comes from development

Building a career means working your way to personal development, learning, and testing new ways to improve your results. 

We support our colleagues through their learning process, by offering them training and opportunities to reach a higher level in their work.

Programmer working from a computer in Codezilla office

Inspiring work environment

Imagine coming to work in a building with a story, and opening the doors to good vibes and colleagues eager to get to know you and show you the positive atmosphere around here.   
We believe that an inspiring work environment is essential for an inspired career. We strive to be inspirational and are always open to new inspiration

We work in a hybrid mode, but we enjoy coming to the office, eating together and sharing stories with colleagues.

Employee sitting on a sofa in Codezilla office

We put people first

We focus on our teams and provide them with the best tools to succeed.  

We encourage open and productive communication and always come up with a solution for any challenge.  

We know that balancing work and private life can be challenging, so we trust our colleagues to be responsible and efficient in a hybrid and flexible work environment
We love to have fun. Here you will enjoy regular corporate events like team building, parties, and social gatherings.

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Become a part of our story!

Our colleagues are young, and experienced, and have joined to create memorable career stories.  
Our team is expanding. Check out available roles and send us your resume!

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