Case Study: Quickly Developing the Explorado App

Codezilla | developing the Explorado app

Obviously, prices and quality of products are important, together with brand confidence. But… Is it possible that you'd be attracted by a fresh perspective to online shopping through an app featuring live streaming and lifestyle content? A platform like Explorado proposed just that. It integrates shopping, relaxation, and infotainment. Creating its mobile app was the next natural step for this daring company that wants to revolutionize e-commerce. Here, we come into the picture.


The challenge was that we needed to deliver very fast. In just 2 months time, we had to "give birth" to the Android and iOS app based on the existing back-end and the provided design.

Approach and Solutions

App Development Technology

The application had the goal of being multiplatform, with a high loading speed as it is also hosting a digital shop, as well as live streams. Therefore, we’ve chosen React Native for front-end purposes.


We have worked based on the design template while keeping in mind that all native mobile apps require further updates.


Large Team, Many Resources

Given the deadline, we’ve allocated a large team to the project, to make sure that the development process is finished on time, while more pairs of eyes would ensure that bugs would be prevented. Also, we built a large enough team so that the deadline wouldn’t feel a burden for any one of the developers.


Every step of the project included consultancy and know-how, to make sure that the client has a complete picture of the project deployment.


Waterfall Approach

We’ve chosen Waterfall delivery for quick results and to make sure speed mixes with success.


The Waterfall approach allows us to have a clear and complete view on the entire project from the beginning.

Our Results

We’ve managed to deliver the desired results 2 days before the deadline.


Therefore, we have proven to ourselves once more that the right choices lead to the right results.

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