Drupal Backend Developer

As a Drupal Backend Developer, you will:

  • Develop complex and unique solutions using Drupal; 
  • Work on exciting projects to turn briefs into successful deliverables;
  • Closely work with the latest technologies and learn more with each update;
  • Work with databases, configuration management systems and much more. 

What you will work with:

  • CMS Drupal 8, Drush, Drupal console, CodeSniffer & Drupal best practices;
  • Configuration management;
  • PHP and TWIG, standard PSR-4;
  • AJAX API, Database API, REST API;
  • OOP;
  • GIT;
  • Apache, MySQL;
  • CMD.

What you bring to the table:

  • Experience, time management and communication;
  • Good English skills.

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