Web 3D Developer

Codezilla is a company based in Romania, with offices in Bucharest, Iași and Chicago, with over 20 years of experience and a fast-growing rhythm, a team of over 120 developers and specialists, over 500 projects delivered every year, and a desire to really make an impact and evolve.

As a Web 3D Developer, you will be responsible for creating immersive and interactive 3D experiences for websites and web applications. Your role will involve leveraging technologies such as WebGL, Three.js, A-Frame, and Babylon.js to bring 3D content to life on the web. You will collaborate with designers and developers to deliver visually stunning and engaging online experiences.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Integrate 3D content seamlessly into web applications and websites using WEBGL, Three.js, A-Frame, Babylon.js or other relevant web 3D libraries and frameworks.
  • Ensure the 3D content runs smoothly across various web browsers and devices by optimizing performance and loading times.
  • Develop interactive 3D experiences with features such as user-controlled camera movements, object interactions, and real-time simulations.
  • Ensure compatibility with different web browsers and address cross-browser rendering issues.
  • Collaborate closely with UI/UX designers, front-end developers, and other team members to understand project requirements and translate them into 3D web solutions.
  • Perform thorough testing and debugging of 3D elements to identify and resolve issues related to performance, functionality, and compatibility.
  • Maintain clear and organized documentation for 3D assets, code, and processes for future reference and team collaboration.


  • Strong knowledge of 3D rendering techniques, shaders, and lighting.
  • Proficiency in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Experience with web 3D libraries and WEBGL frameworks like Three.js, A-Frame, Babylon.js.
  • Solid understanding of cross-browser compatibility and responsive web design principles.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Portfolio showcasing previous web 3D projects is a plus.
  • Experience with augmented reality (AR) development is a plus.

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