The greater good comes in small steps. Make each of them count.

Sustainability commitment: our green promise | Codezilla

We are in this world together

We have decided to focus on both resources and people and to add a grain of social responsibility to our activities. Step by step, with each initiative, we keep an eye on how we can make a change. 

We are socially responsible for both the environment and people. 

Social responsibility for the world and people

We empower growth

We know that career development can be challenging or extremely rewarding. It's in our power to influence it for the better. 
Opening doors for future professionals and creating paths of growth for our teams might revolutionize the way of working on digital projects. 

We support the future and its young talents through paid internship programs, partnerships with students' associations, and available entry-level roles. 


deCODE the future paid internship

We support second chances

Everything deserves a second chance. If it's good for the environment, even better. That's why we are committed to sustainability and recycling and we try to make the most of our reusable resources by giving them a chance to a new life. 

We know that the life cycle of materials can be expanded for the better. That's why our business cards, agendas, and files for documents are made of recycled paper. This is our way of ensuring that we promote sustainability and send a positive message.

Green mission: our eco-friendly commitment | Codezilla

We invest in sustainable transport

We believe in responsible transport and caring for our environment at every moment. Therefore, we have invested in Ride Splash, an alternative scooter Romanian start-up that promotes sustainability, gas-free mobility, and alternative transportation.
There are few things more rewarding than sustainability in motion.

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