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After more than 20 years of experience in digital advertising and software development, between different divisions in our group, we know that success in the digital environment means more than a strategic approach, creative concepts, or technically correct developed projects. Success means all of them, working together to achieve the best possible result.  

Codezilla is more than a software development company and more than a digital agency. We use in-house extensive know-how for all the services we provide.  
We are the digital partner that offers you more. 

Today we have more than 130 team players in our corner, 3 offices in Romania and USA, and over 300 projects successfully delivered every year.  
With every happy client and objective achieved, we prove that Codezilla is the digital giant that was always meant to be.

Our services

We offer the entire range of services you need to develop your digital project and consolidate your brand and its online position, from strategy and concept to implementation. We are committed to delivering the best results, using our expertise to its extent, focusing on our customer’s needs, and offering solutions to any challenge. 

Codezilla offers you more with every service we provide: extensive know-how, solutions, support, and success.


An illustration of a person working on a laptop with design software open, representing the role of a web designer.

Software development services

Business Software Development

Create solutions that enable you to set, manage and monitor processes efficiently. CRM, ERP or custom solutions.

Web Development

Showcase what you want your users to see through a fully customized web application or site.

Mobile Application Development

Interact with partners and customers through mobile access - even offline.

Artificial Intelligence

Use the power of AI to elevate your digital transformation and enhance your customer journey.

Content Management Solutions

Choose the best Content Management Systems for your needs and expectations.

E-Commerce and Online Shop

Create an e-commerce platform tailored to your business’s needs.

DevOps and Server Management

Our supporting teams are prepared to face challenges, and ready to provide solutions.

Quality Assurance

We provide end-to-end quality assurance through all stages of software development.

Digital marketing services

Business Analysis and Consulting

We create easy-to-follow workflows, identify business needs and generate solutions.

Digital Strategy and Data Analytics

We create strategic messages, tactics and data-driven digital strategies based.

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

We create strong brands, and develop complex plans for traditional and digital media.

Social Media Management

Our specialists speak social media as well as their first language.

UX & UI Design

We create impactful, long-lasting, and successful UX & UI designs, tailored to your needs.

Copywriting and content creation

We tell stories that generate emotions while sending impactful strategic messages.

Performance Marketing & Digital Paid Media

We create digital paid media campaigns that drive results and enhance conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We build and implement On-Page & Off-Page SEO strategies to optimize organic search engine rankings.

Why work with us?

  • Every process has an integrated methodology that always aims to reach the best outcome.

Update your career

Our team is our best asset and we are constantly trying to add more brilliant minds to it.  
If you feel brilliant or strive to be, join us! 

At Codezilla you will find an experienced team, exciting projects, friendly clients, the support you need to grow, and a cool gang of colleagues with whom you can share success and bumps in the road. By the way, here you will also party hard.  

Find out what roles are available and let’s meet!

Marketing and designer working together at their desk with Codezilla branded cup next to their laptop